December 12, 2012

Santa 2012

Tinsley and Ace saw Santa last week.  They did great.  Debbie and Laura are so patient with the kids and always give them time to warm up.  We even got a few smiles from Tinsley.

We saw Santa twice last year.  Tinsley has really grown since then.  Time is moving so quickly.

November 28, 2012

The flu is NO fun

Tinsley has the flu.  We all got the flu shot early this fall and thought we would not have to deal with the flu.  But, it turns out the flu shot only covers certain strains of the flu and Tinsley came down with Flu type B which the flu shot doesn't protect against.  She was literally fine Monday morning.  She was happy and feeling good and went to play with her friend Journi.  Around 4, Linda called me and said that Tinsley had not slept all afternoon.  She said that she laid down to take her nap but never went to sleep.  A little while later, Linda said that she noticed she felt warm so checked her temperature.  She had a temp of 100 and started throwing up right after Linda checked her.  I went to pick her up and gave her Tylenol before we left Linda's.  We got home and Tinsley was sitting in the rocking chair with Mom and did not seem to be feeling well at all.  I checked her temperature again right at 5 and it had gone up to 102.  I was about to go ahead and get some Advil to give her.  Tinsley got out of the chair and stood up and started throwing up again.  She then started having a seizure.  Her eyes rolled back in her head and she continued to vomit.  I can honestly say I have never been so scared in my life.  We laid her on her side and she continued to seize for about 30 seconds. After she stopped, I asked mom to call for Toby because we thought he was outside in the yard.  It turned out he was down at our cattle pens so I had mom call him on her phone and I called and talked to the PA at our pediatrician's office. After discussing with the PA, we felt pretty sure it was a febrile seizure due to high fever, but she started vomiting again right away and was very pale.  She was also not really making much sense when she talked.   Toby and I took her to North Central Baptist.  She continued to vomit off and on all the way to San Antonio.  We did not put her in her carseat because she was so upset and was still vomiting.  She kept calling for me all the way to La Vernia.  This was pretty upsetting because I was holding her.  Her fever got up to 103 on the way to the hospital.  Once we got to the hospital, they took us back almost immediately.  They hooked up an iv and started giving her fluids and zofran.  They were finally able to get her fever down to around 100 with a Tylenol suppository. They did a chest x-ray, urinalysis and lab work.  We were shocked when they said she had the flu.  They think the seizure was a febrile seizure.  These seizures are basically considered harmless and are brought on by spike in fevers.  They said it is not necessarily how high her temp gets, but how quickly it rises which is dangerous and can bring on the seizures.  We followed up with an appointment with Dr. Boecker today.  Tinsley continued to run a fever for the past few days.  We alternated Tylenol and Advil to keep it under control and to try to keep her comfortable.  The entire family is taking Tamiflu so that hopefully we won't get it and in order to hopefully shorten Tinsley's bought with it.

Happy and feeling good Monday morning.  
Ready to go play with Journi.

At the hospital, not thrilled with the IV

Tinsley kept telling us the hear rate/pulse monitor was "hot" 
and blowing on it.

Tinsley LOVES a video that Toby has on his phone of Blaine and Brett working cattle.  She was trying to be so brave and not cry when they put in her IV.  Toby was playing the video for her.  She sure does love those Harvey boys!

2 days later, still not feeling too great. :-(

Ace has been hanging out at Mom Mom and DD's 
in an effort to avoid the flu.

September 25, 2012

Tinsley visiting Ace

Tinsley cannot get enough of her little brother.  She came to visit him today and is anxious for him to come home.  Until then, however, she is taking full advantage of the play ground at the hospital.

It turns out that Ace is already a great shopper!  When Tinsley arrived today she received a bag full of "big sister" goodies.  

Tinsley looks so grown up!

September 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Ace David Talley!

Ace arrived on Monday, September 24th at 5:44 p.m.  He weighs 9 lbs 2 oz and is 21 inches long.  He is named after his grandfathers.  Toby and I love our dad's so much and couldn't think of two better men for him to be named after.  Ace is doing great!  My labor and delivery with him was much easier than it was with Tinsley.  As Dr. Geldernick says, "The first one paves the way for #2!"  We are so in love with our sweet little boy.  Ace, you have made our family complete!!!  

Tinsley and Aunt Whitney waiting for Ace to make his big debut.

Tinsley waiting for Ace's arrival.  Somehow she managed to have a leaky diaper.  Aunt Deirdre and Aunt Tiffany saved the day and went and bought her some new pants.  :-)

Tinsley coming in to meet Ace

It was love at first sight for big sister.  The first thing she did was smile really big and say "tickle, tickle, tickle" while she tickled his foot.  

Ace and Mom Mom

Ace and Paw Paw

Nana holding Ace

Aunt Whitney and Ace

Ace and Stacie

My guys :-))))

Feeling good after his first bath.

 David, Larianne and Canyon had this sign made for us to use as an announcement for the hospital door.  We love it!  It matches Ace's room at home.  We can't wait to take our sweet little boy home! 

September 21, 2012

Happy Birthday Whitney

Whitney's birthday is the 26th.  We celebrated it early tonight.  
Happy Birthday Whitney!

Tinsley never appears to be very impressed by our singing of 
"Happy Birthday"

Trying out Aunt Whitney's new necklace

Someone might have stolen a taste of the icing!

September 7, 2012

Lunch with Aunt Whitney

Tinsley was so excited to see Aunt Whitney at lunch today.  We met at Red Lobster.  Yum!!!

September 6, 2012