October 8, 2013

Goodbye Tonsils and Adenoids!

Tinsley had her tonsils removed on September 19th.  We are now almost 3 weeks out and she is doing really well.  She had a pretty rough two weeks, but after we hit the two week mark, it has pretty much been smooth sailing.  Here is a recap of the past 3 weeks.  

We read "Goodbye Tonsils" the night before the surgery and talked about the next day.

Waiting in the waiting area.

The surgery center gave Tinsley a puppy, sunglasses and stickers

She was not too thrilled about being there

Things started looking up after her pre-anesthesia "cocktail"

The nurses were great.  They told her she was a train and had to "choo choo" to move the bed.  Off she went for surgery.

The surgery took around 45 minutes.  Dr. Franklin said that her tonsils were deep and that they were covered in scar tissue from all of the tonsillitis she had previously had.  She had a little bit of trouble with nausea from the anesthesia.  We hung out for a few hours after the procedure to make sure the nausea was under to control and to make sure she got plenty of fluids from the iv.

Tinsley did really well.  We made it home and she rested most of the afternoon.  She had a pretty bad reaction to her pain medication the first evening.  She started throwing up and dry heaving.  Not fun for a little girl that just had her tonsils removed.  :-(  We took her off the prescribed pain meds and switched over to rotating between Advil and Tylenol.  She was a trooper.  

Ace hung out at Mom Mom and DD's for a few days so that we could give Tinsley lots of TLC.
Ace was excited to drive the Dora jeep.  He sent us a picture of himself holding the key(he never gets to hold the key when his sister is there).

Ice cream in bed at 11 p.m.  They put her on steroids for the first 3 days after the surgery to give her a little bit of "pep".  It definitely pepped her up- no napping and she was up until at least midnight every night.

We made snow cones with our new snow cone machine(definitely recommend this if you have a little one that has a tonisllectomy).  Ace was a fan of the snow cones.  They feel good on gums that are breaking new teeth too!!!
Aunt Whitney came to check on Tinsley a few days after the surgery.  The weather was nice so we went for a quick ride on the ranger and spent a little bit of time outside.

Ace has one speed- fast!!!

Wherever Tinsley is, Ace wants to be too!

Even when you don't feel your best, you can get dressed up. :-)

Riding her horse with her "lasso"

Ace fell asleep having lunch at Mom Mom's.  
She must have worked him pretty hard that morning. ;-)

Ace LOVES to play in Eagan's water bowl.  He splashes the water and says "No, no, no" and laughs.  He is a mess!!!!

A midnight snack(literally) of macaroni and cheese.
We were happy when Tinsley would feel well enough to eat, so we fed her what she wanted when she wanted.  Her favorite, which I don't have a picture of her eating for some reason is "pink ice cream".  Pink ice cream, also known as a big red float tastes best when dad makes it and has one too. :-)

Mrs. Patteson came by and brought yummy chicken and dumplings and backpacks for Tinsley and Ace.  The food was delicious and the backpacks were a hit!!!