March 27, 2011

Tinsley's Baptism

Tinsley was baptized this morning.  It was such a special day!  We were joined by family and friends which made the day even more special.  Tinsley's sponsors were her aunts Whitney, Deirdre and Tiffany as well as her cousin Kourtnee.  Tinsley slept through most of the baptism.  Here are a few pics of Tinsley's special day.

So proud of our little girl

Tiffany, Deirdre, me, Tinsley, Toby, Whitney and Kourtnee

Granddad, Grandmom, me, Tinsley, Toby and Whitney

Tiffany, Calley, Mady, Deirdre, Drew, me, Tinsley, Toby, Nana and Paw Paw

Kourtnee and Tinsley

Jim, Sherri, Clay, Kourtnee, Tinsley, Desi and Kyle

The great-grandparents: Dennis, Grandma, Granny, Gramps and Gran

Toby, me, Tinsley and John Tinsley

Tinsley and I with Pastor Beck

me with my sweet little girl J

Tinsley with Conley and Cameron Boatright

Tinsley with Jason and Stacie Scheel

Tinsley with uncle Jim and aunt Janie

Yummy cake!

She was not wild about the bonnet.

Attempting to get the tie from the bonnet in her mouth

Thank you again to all of you that joined us for Tinsley's special day!  We are so blessed to have all of you in our lives.

Eagan's 10th Birthday

Eagan has been such a good dog.  I can't believe he is already 10 years old!  It seems like just yesterday we were in Minnesota and we got him.  He was so tiny when we got him I had to buy a cat collar to put on him.  I was trying to potty train him and wanted to make sure I heard him move at night if he woke up.  The cat collar was the only one small enough for him and it came with bells on it so I could hear him.  We had him potty trained in two weeks.  I am sure people thought I was a nut outside with him telling how good he was and giving him treats every two hours when he would go to the bathroom, but it worked!  We did not know how Eagan would react to Tinsley when I was pregnant.  I thought he would do well, but this was of course a concern.  He does great!  He loves her so much.  Eagan has slept on a pillow above my head every night since the day that we brought him home.  That all changed when we brought Tinsley home.  Tinsley sleeps in her co-sleeper or bassinet beside me every night.  Eagan now sleeps beside me between she and I.  Anytime Tinsley starts to cry or fuss, he will put his chin over the side of the bed and check on her.  It is so sweet!  We love our Eagan so much and I know that he and Tinsley are going to be big time buds as she gets older!

The Birthday Boy

March 21, 2011

3 Months Old

Tinsley is 3 months old today!  We can’t believe how quickly time is flying by.  We are having so much fun!!!  Here are a few things about Tinsley at 3 months.

-    We went to the doctor today because Tinsley has still been throwing up quite a bit after eating.  I think the doctor thinks I am crazy when I tell her how often Tinsley throws up because she is growing so quickly.  Tinsley now weighs 14 lbs. 7 oz. and is 25 inches long!!!! 

-     Tinsley is eating 4-6 ounces about every 3 hours or so during the day. 

-     Tinsley seems to have a different opinion of her pacifier at different times of the day.  It is so funny because if she wants it, she will take it immediately and be so happy.  If you try to give it to her and she doesn't want it, she will make this gagging noise like it is just the grossest thing ever.  I think she may already be a little bit of a drama queen.

-     Still sleeping in her nap nanny beside mommy and daddy’s bed.  Tinsley sleeps on average from 7-9 hours at night!  She did surprise us one night last week and sleep for 10 hours!!!!

-     Tinsley is still not too big on naps during the day most days.  If she sleeps good at night, she will just kind of “cat nap” throughout the day.  If she doesn’t sleep good the night before, then she will take a pretty good nap during the day.

-     Still loves to swing.  Tinsley also still likes her bouncer, but seems to prefer that I not turn the vibrating on anymore.  She now moves around so much in it that she gets the bouncer bouncing up and down like crazy on her own.

-     Tinsley plays at her activity gym quite a bit.  She loves to lay and look at herself in the mirror and she now plays with the toys on the gym as well. 

-     Tinsley has really been busy with her hands lately.  I think she is trying to suck her thumb.  At this point, she puts her entire fist in her mouth, but I think she is really trying to get that thumb in there.  She loves to study her hands.

-     I never would have believed it a week or so ago if someone told me it would happen, but Tinsley has become even more vocal!  She loves to babble and is constantly “talking”.  She likes to use her hands when she talks.  I think we are going to have a little social butterfly on our hands!!!

-     My favorite thing about the past month has been Tinsley’s smiles.  She smiles more and more every day.  I love talking to her and seeing that sweet little smile.  She seems to love everyone who talks to her and will normally share a smile J

3 Month Old Chair Picture

Sweet Smile!

March 20, 2011

March 18, 2011

Aunt Whitney's #1 Fan

Whitney is playing in her final basketball tournament this week in Tennessee.  I am disappointed that I did not get to make the trip, but we felt like it would just be too hard on Tinsley.  We are so proud of Whitney and we are definitely there in spirit.  Tinsley got all dressed up today for the game even though we are just watching it at home on the computer.  Here is our little superfan!!!

March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Tinsley was not in the mood for her photo shoot today.  Oh well, I think she looks adorable anyway!!!

March 16, 2011

All Smiles

We were not in the mood for smiling today at Heirloom for our pictures, but tonight, we were all smiles!!!!  Go figure ;)

March 15, 2011

Look who is holding her own rattle

Tinsley has been holding her own rattle and bopping herself in the head with it this morning.  This picture makes me laugh so hard.  She obviously is not a fan of the flash on my camera phone.

March 14, 2011

Clay and Kourtnee's Wedding

This past weekend we celebrated Clay and Kourtnee's wedding.  We had an amazing time and we are so happy for both of them.  Friday night we celebrated at the rehearsal dinner at Paesano's on the Riverwalk.  I love Paesano's!  Tinsley slept through the whole rehearsal dinner. Saturday the wedding took place at the Lone Star Palace on the rooftop which overlooks the Alamo.  It was absolutely beautiful.  We had a great time!  Here are a few pics from the weekend.

Tinsley, mom and dad before the rehearsal dinner

Me, Tinsley and Toby

The key lime cheesecake was delicious and so pretty!

Toby and I

Kyle and Desi

Clay, Kourtnee, me and Toby

Saturday morning we loaded up early and headed to SA to spend the day getting ready.  Tinsley was ready to go!

All of this primping will wear a girl out!

Kyle and Sherri

Carolyn and Tinsley

Desi and Kyle

Kourtnee and Kyle

Kourtnee and Desi

Sherri, Jim, Kourtnee, Desi and Kyle

Kyle and Desi

Sherri and Kourtnee

Tinsley and Daddy

Uh Oh!!!!

Happy Again :-)

Sweet little feet

Mom and Tinsley

Tinsley, mom and dad

Clay and Kourtnee

First dance

Kourtnee and Jim

Clay and his mom Bettye

Arleigh is adorable

Bethany, Mackenzie and Skylar

Gran and Gramps

Gramps and Chuck

Toby and I- Tinsley was asleep again.  We had such a great time. 
Thanks again Kourtnee and Clay for including us in your special day!!!