March 26, 2012

Tinsley's first trip to the dentist

Mom and I took Tinsley for her first trip to the dentist last week. Her first visit with the dentist was at Alligator Dental with Dr. Al. Tinsley got a great report. We had been concerned that Tinsley might have issues with her teeth due to all the reflux she has had, but we were very relieved to hear that her teeth look great. We are going to continue brushing twice a day. This should not be a problem, as Tinsley loves to brush her teeth. :-)

They have a really cool "bubble wall" in the waiting area.

I did not get any pictures of Tinsley with the dentist.  We were preoccupied with her checkup and talking with him. 
I will definitely have to get a few next time.

March 25, 2012

Getting ready for Easter

I love this pink bubble outfit.  It is so girly and so sweet.  Tinsley is going to take pictures at Heirloom with "Cowboy" the bunny again this year and we will definitely be using this outfit.

Today she wore her bunny dress to church with Mom Mom and DD.

Tinsley- you have the happiest little personality


Tinsley is so ready to hit the pool this summer!

Checking her flowers.

March 23, 2012

Daddy's Little Helper

Tinsley loves to help Toby feed the dogs and horses.  If the weather is nasty and she can't go, he has to sneak out to feed them.  She gets really upset if he goes without her.  She is constantly watching him.  If he gets his cap, hat, or boots, she is on his tail because she knows he is going somewhere. :-)

The weather has been beautiful the past few days,
so she has been super helpful!

Hurry Summer

We are really ready for summer.  Tinsley has been swimsuit shopping.  She can't wait to sport her new watermelon suit at the pool this summer.

Tinsley has been checking the water temperature of Mom Mom and DD's pool often- she wants to make sure she is ready to go once the water warms up.

March 22, 2012

Happy Girl

Tinsley is so happy!  She is constantly smiling and will smile for the camera if you tell her "cheese"(unless she is busy doing something more fun).

We are working REALLY hard at kicking the bottle habit and trying to use a sippy cup or straw.  As you can see, someone is not ready to give up the death grip she has on her bottle.

March 20, 2012

Welcome Blake!

Blake arrived on March 18th.  She is healthy, perfect and absolutely beautiful!  We are so excited for Kyle and Desiree.  

Tinsley could not get enough of Blake.  She kept saying "Oh, baby"

Gran and Blake

Tinsley kept hugging her and hugging her

Congratulations to Kyle and Desiree!  We couldn't be happier for you.  Blake, we already love you so much!!!!

March 19, 2012

Your hair is sticking up!

Long before Tinsley was born, I used to tell Toby that I hoped our kids would have his hair and nails.  His hair grows really fast and so do his nails.  If I trim my hair 1/2 an inch, I swear it takes a year for it to grow back.  My nails also grow really slow.  Tinsley definitely has Toby's hair and nails.  It grows really fast.  BUT, she also got Toby's cowlicks.  Toby loves to tell Tinsley in the mornings that her hair is sticking up.  Toby is in Fort Worth for work this week, so we sent him a few pictures this morning.  I titled them "Dad, is my hair sticking up?"

Tinsley is her daddy made over.  I love it!!!

March 18, 2012

Camp Jellystone

We spent this past weekend at Camp Jellystone.  It is only about an hour away from our house, so it was the perfect weekend getaway.  Tinsley had so much fun and we can't wait to go back.
We just so happened to be going by Clear Springs. 
We decided that yummy onion rings and seafood would be the perfect start to our weekend.

Tinsley posed with Yogi

Tinsley has not been in the fifth wheel too much since she was really little.
She LOVED it.  We will definitely be doing more camping.

Tinsley insisted that she be the ONLY one to walk Eagan.

The campground has a heated indoor pool as well as an outdoor pool.
We did not use the outdoor pool as it is still pretty cool.
Tinsley had a BLAST at the indoor pool.


The "jumpy pillow" was a hit.

More fun in the fifth wheel

Tinsley enjoyed a slurpee during our "hay" ride.

Playing outside while dad barbecues.

We had so much fun and can't wait to go back.  This trip was kind of a last minute idea.  We hope to plan ahead better next time.  Hopefully some of our friends will be able to join us.  We would definitely recommend the park.  There is so much fun stuff to do!!!