June 26, 2013

I not go potty!

We have been working on attempting to get started on potty training Tinsley.  I say "attempting to get started" because she hasn't been too excited about it.  We have a princess potty that cheers after you go and she uses it in the mornings and seems excited, and occasionally we have luck getting her to use the potty during the day.  It has kind of turned into a battle of wills which I know isn't a good thing.  Tonight she was reading her "Potty" book and she kept saying "I not go potty".  She told Toby the other day "I like to wear a diaper".  I have decided not to stress over it.  We are working on it and I think the more I push it, the more headstrong she will become, so I am trying to make it fun(as fun as potty training can be) for her.

Trip to the ER

Ace came down with a nasty virus last Friday the 21st.  On Wednesday, he had a rash on the back of his neck.  We were concerned that it might be the LCH attempting to pop back up, so we made an appointment with the dermatologist for Friday to have him check Ace to see if a trip to Dr. McClain was warranted.  On Thursday evening Ace started running a low grade temp.  It stayed at low grade while treating with advil and tylenol alternately.  We saw Dr. Anderson on Friday morning and he said that he felt the rash was just a "heat type" rash of some sort.  We were thrilled.  We then went to his appointment with Dr. Boecker.  When we got to the appointment, the nurse checked Ace's temperature and it was 99.5.  Ace was pretty fussy and you could tell he didn't feel well at all.  I honestly was attributing the fever to teething or possibly an ear infection.  We waited about 30 minutes to see Dr. Boecker and Ace just got fussier and fussier and started feeling really warm.  I went out of the room and asked the nurse to come in and recheck his temperature and it had gone up to 102.6 in just the 30 minutes we had been there.  Dr. Boecker came in and checked Ace's ears and throat and said he had no signs of any type of infection.  She was concerned he might have a virus.  Hand, foot and mouth and roseolla have been going around(not great).  We headed to San Antonio for labs. Ace's temp continued to rise and he was getting fussier and fussier and started spitting up crud by the time we got to San Antonio.  I spoke with Dr. McClain's assistant on the way to SA and she said if he seemed like he was getting worse to take him to the ER.  We waited a few minutes at the lab and he continued to get worse, so we went to the ER.  They immediately put in an IV and started giving Ace fluid.  They did labs which all came back good.  They had to finally give him a suppository in order to keep any tylenol in him.  The ER doctor agreed that it was likely some sort of virus Ace had.  Fortunately, his white blood cell count was at 8.02(the highest it has been since he started chemo) otherwise the ER doctor said she would have admitted him.  We went home and continued the advil/tylenol every 3 hours.  We had a hard time controlling the fever.  Saturday night it got up to 103.9.  Ace was miserable!  We called and talked to the oncology doctor on call in Houston and they said to continue giving him fluids, cool baths, and alternating the tylenol/advil.  We were also using a cool, damp rag while he slept in an effort to cool him off.  It was not fun, we would literally put the rag against him and it would be hot almost immediately from touching him.  It was so sad, this was the first time he has been so unhappy and felt so crummy.  Through all the treatment and crud he has endured, I think that the past few days have honestly been the hardest on him.  On Monday, the fever finally started creeping back down.  He was officially fever free Tuesday.  Yay!  He seems to be feeling good again today. We couldn't be more thankful!

Unhappy camper at the ER  :-(

One of the few things that did make Ace happy over the past few days was Toby reading "Little Blue Truck" to him.  It is pretty cute.  He loves it when Toby reads it.  I don't get near this reaction.  Dad is apparently much better at truck and animal sounds than me.  :-)

Why my glass doors will NEVER be clean(and I'm completely okay with it)

Even when you are only wearing a diaper it is important for a girl to wear her pink bracelet and necklace.

June 19, 2013

Storytime with Tinsley

It's hard to make out much of what she is saying, but one of her quotes is "Mommy is a girl".  We have been working on identifying the difference between girls and boys.  She finally started saying "Mommy is a girl".  For the longest time she would say, "No, you are not a girl, you are Mommy!"

June 18, 2013

Father's Day with Dad

We celebrated Father's Day a little late this year.  Toby got home from Lubbock the evening of Father's day, but the kids were already pretty tired.  We waited for him to open his gift until they were rested and not fussy.  He had lots of help opening his goodies.  

Tinsley was pretty disappointed that there was no cake after Toby finished opening his gifts.  She said "Hey, where's the cake?"  This little girl is all about celebrating!

June 11, 2013

New Goggles

Mom Mom got Tinsley new goggles.  They are a hit!  She had to immediately try them out in the big bathtub.

June 10, 2013

Great Checkup!

Ace had a great checkup today with Dr. McClain.  He doesn't have to go back for a month.  The rash looks the best it has looked to date.  There are still a few spots on his bottom(very few), but they appear to have completely cleared everywhere else on his body.  Yay for a great checkup and yay for no labs for a month!  We normally try to set Ace's appointments for around lunchtime so that we can leave the house in the morning, go to the appointment and then drive back home.  It makes for a really long day, but is so much easier than packing up and having to stay in Houston overnight.  

We upgraded Ace to his "big boy" carseat.  

Daddy is out of town for work, so Mom Mom was our chauffer today.

Ace did not get to help drive- we normally stop outside of Houston to change Ace's diaper and give him a break from his carseat.  As you can see he was happy to be out of the carseat.

The clinic was packed today. We had quite a wait.  
Ace took a nap to pass the time.

After Ace's appointment, we sent pics to dad to tell him how awesome the appointment went.

It was a LONG trip home.  Ace was done with being in the car and the carseat by the time we were about halfway home.  We made several stops, but this was how most of the last leg of our trip went.  :-(
Happy to be home and out of the car

Even happier to be reunited with big sister!!!
Tinsley had a great day with DD, but was so happy to see her brother.

Thank you all for your continued prayers for our sweet Ace