August 30, 2013

Ace gets tubes

Ace has been having numerous ear infections. He has had a pesky one in his right ear and we are on our 3rd round of antibiotics and can't get rid of it.  He got tubes in his ears two days ago.  As usual, he handled it like a champ.  He was pretty fussy the day of the procedure, but the next day he was back to his happy self.  We were shocked- he seemed to be walking better than he was before the procedure by the 2nd day.  Dr. Franklin said he had quite a bit of fluid on his ears, so it makes sense that his equilibrium was better after getting the fluid off.

They gave Ace some pretty good stuff to relax him before they took him back.  He was super relaxed.  He didn't come out of the procedure that way, which they say is normal.  He was MAD!!!!  He threw up quite a bit of crud and drainage before we left the surgery center.  It was good he got that icky stuff of his tummy.

Our little martian!  He has specially fitted ear plugs for bathing and swimming, but he can't wear them for the first week.  So, for now it is cotton balls.  

August 22, 2013

Update on Ace

Ace has been off chemo for the past 3 weeks.  His ANC has been low.  It was at 500 on 8/5 at his last appointment with Dr. McClain.  The next week, it was only up to 560.  It rebounded to 900 the third week, but he has been battling an ear infection and upper respiratory infection.  He will be getting tubes in his ears on the 28th.  We are hoping this will stop the ear infections/fluid on the ears and help him to feel better.  We will resume chemo after he gets the tubes in.  The break has been nice, and so far there are no signs of LCH rash while he has been off chemo.  He had a pesky rash on his face that was making us pretty nervous over the past month or so. We made several trips to see Dr. Anderson(our favorite dermatologist- we can't say enough good things about him).  He diagnosed it as perioral dermatitis.  It started on his chin, but then spread up to his nose and even onto his eyelids.  Ace is obviously going to have pretty sensitive skin. :-(   It started clearing up right before his appointment with Dr. McClain on the 5th.  Dr. McClain had told us that if we didn't start seeing some major improvement in it by the 5th, they would need to biopsy it just to be sure it wasn't LCH. We were so thankful it started clearing up a few days before Ace's appointment on the 5th.  Ace is doing great!  He is into EVERYTHING!!!!

Waiting for his appointment with Dr. McClain

"Driving" with his sister in her cozy coupe

A friendly reminder to keep the bathroom door closed

Who, me?  I didn't do anything!!!!