July 9, 2013

Ace Update

Ace had a great checkup with Dr. McClain yesterday.  There is no rash visible anywhere at this time.  We are thrilled.  His white blood cell counts are lower than they were the last time.  We will continue to be careful about where we take him so that he isn't exposed to any unnecessary germs.  Ace was all smiles for Dr. McClain yesterday as usual.  I keep meaning to take a picture of Ace with Dr. McClain, but I always get sidetracked during the appointments and forget.  Yesterday I even took my camera and I forgot to take one.  Ace did great on the trip to Houston and he did good on the way home as well until we got almost home.  We were about 10 minutes from the house(it is about a 3 1/2 hour trip) and Ace started throwing up.  We pulled over and stripped him down.  He threw up a lot, but seemed to feel fine afterward.   It was kind of scary because we had never seen him throw up like that.  It was reminiscent of when Tinsley used to have horrible reflux and she would throw up what seemed like everything she had eaten for days.  He was kind of fussy and acting like he didn't feel real great last night, but seems fine today.  He is not running fever, so we are hoping it is just drainage as he has seemed kind of congested.  He has not slept great the past few nights, so we are thinking maybe the drainage and/or teething could be contributing to that.

We stopped outside of Houston as we normally do and gave Ace a break from the carseat and changed him.  He was so happy to be out of the car.  He is super wiggly and constantly wants down to explore now that he is crawling.  We are really going to have trouble containing him when he starts walking.
Mom called and my phone automatically turns the sound off in the car because the sync picks up.  Ace got SO MAD!!!  He loves Dora the Explorer and that was what we had playing for him.  He started crying and pitching a fit because he couldn't hear it.  This is about 2 seconds after we hung up when he could hear Dora again.  He is a MESS!
Tinsley went to San Antonio with Mom Mom and DD to Whitney's house while we were in Houston.  They had dinner with Aunt Whitney before they came home.  
After we got home, we spent some time outside enjoying the fresh air.  
Tinsley and Ace helped DD water the trees.
Ace loves being outside.  We spend a lot of time outside in the evenings.  Quite often after we give him his chemo he feels pretty crummy.  We take him out into the yard or for a ride on the Ranger and he normally calms down.
Tinsley "accidentally" got wet

Thanks for checking in on us.  Please keep praying for Ace.  We are almost 5 months into the 12 month chemo protocol he is on.  Our hopes are that Ace will be symptom free of LCH in February after a year on the chemo and that he will not have any type of recurrence.  We pray that he never remembers being affected by LCH.  

July 2, 2013

Getting ready for the 4th

We went to take pictures at Heirloom today.  They had a really cute setup with ice cream(pink ice cream for Tinsley.  She was thrilled!).  Ace was not really in the mood to take pictures, but I think they will still turn out pretty cute.  I will post the link for the ice cream pics when they are ready.  I snapped these with my phone while we were waiting.  


All that picture taking will make you hungry, so Mom Mom treated us to Chili's.