October 31, 2011

Tinsley's First Halloween

Tinsley had a great first Halloween. 

Playing at Grandmom and Granddad's the day before Halloween.

Opening her goodies from Aunt Whitney.  Aunt Whitney had to work on Halloween(boo), so Tinsley got her gift from her a day early.

Tinsley got a Disney Princess bag with lots of "quiet" toys for church.  This will be her new church bag. Our church is very small and does not have a nursery.  It is a bit of a challenge to get Tinsley to sit still and quiet for an hour or so, so we take things to entertain her. When Whitney and I were little we each had a church bag with stuff that we only got to look at or play with during church.  This actually worked pretty well.  We are going to try the same thing with Tinsley.

Ready for church the day before Halloween.

Worn out!

Tinsley and Eagan opening their Halloween goodies from
Grandmom and Granddad

Tinsley dressed up as a cow. She LOVES animals. She loves checking the cows with daddy and granddad, so her costume was the perfect choice.
Swinging with Grandmom before we leave to go pass out candy at Gramps and Gran's.

Opening her Halloween goodies from Gramps and Gran

This pumpkin makes all kinds of spooky noises. 
Tinsley thought it was pretty funny.

We were a little early to Gramps and Gran's, so Grandmom walked Tinsley down to the football field.  She enjoyed watching the football boys practice.

This little cow decided she needed a drink of milk. :-)

Tinsley enjoyed holding the bags of candy.  Of course, she did not eat any, but she had a death grip on the baggies and was not too good at passing out candy.  We just let the kids pick from the bowl what they wanted.

My friends from school, Lauren and Amanda brought their
trick-or-treaters by. 

Lexi, Tinsley, Joslynn and Calvin

It was a little bit challenging to get a pic with all of them looking.

Tinsley and Wells

Gran and Tinsley

October 28, 2011

Fun with Friends

Tinsley has been a busy girl the past couple of days.  On Thursday evening, we went to Jason and Stacie's and enjoyed some shrimp that the guys brought back from their fishing trip.  Tinsley was excited to see her friend Joslynn!

Tinsley does not like to sit still.  This was my best attempt at a pic
of the two of them together. 

On Friday afternoon, we made a quick trip to San Antonio to do a little bit of shopping.  We met aunt Whitney for lunch.  I am so glad she is finally living closer to home and we get to see her more often.  We missed her so much when she was at school in Lubbock.

On Friday evening, we went to the Harvey's for fajitas.  We had so much fun visiting with friends and Tinsley of course had fun playing with
Blaine and Brett.
Blaine and Brett getting their horse ready for Tinsley to ride.

The boys are so sweet to Tinsley.  They call her "Baby Tinsley".  I think she might be "Baby Tinsley" to them forever.  :-)

Blaine giving Tinsley a kiss.

Brett cracks me up.  Towards the end of the evening, Tinsley started to get fussy.  When I told Brett it was because it was past her bedtime, he told me that he was going to go get a book for me to read to he and Tinsley.  He came back with "The Story of the Gettysburg Address".  I cracked up.  Jennifer said that Brett's grandmother had bought the boys that book.  Tinsley's granddad is a major history buff and I can totally see him reading her stories such as this someday soon.  :-)

Halloween/Fall Pictures

Tinsley had her pictures taken at Heirloom a few weeks back. You might remember in a previous post a "Halloween Preview".  Laura and Debbie are always great with Tinsley and I love these pics!

This was the pic that they used for their advertisement for Halloween pics.