May 31, 2011

Not a green bean fan

Tinsley has been doing really good eating her cereal.  We recently switched from rice cereal to barley cereal due to digestive issues and she seems to be making the transition okay.  Today we decided to try giving Tinsley her first vegetables.  As you can see, she was not a fan of green beans.  Oh well, we will keep working on it :-)

Bath time is always happy time for Tinsley! 

May 29, 2011

A good night's sleep

Tinsley spent the night at grandmom and granddad's last night so that mommy could get a good night's sleep.  I missed waking up this morning and seeing my sweet little girl, but I have to admit, it felt so good to get some rest.  Tinsley is normally such a good sleeper, but the past couple of nights she has been waking up in the middle of the night or waking up really early.  Mom said that she slept from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m.  She is doing great!  If only I could make myself go to bed when she goes to bed, her early morning wake up calls for me might not be so bad.  After church, Tinsley, grandmom and granddad surprised me by showing up with Sylvia's tacos.  Thanks grandmom and granddad, you saved the day!!!!

Rocking with granddad 

Ready for church.  Her hands are ALWAYS in her mouth lately. 

Eagan is going to be exhausted once Tinsley is mobile! 

May 27, 2011

Trixy's puppies

We woke up this morning to find that Trixy had 6 puppies.  They are so cute!!!  I can't wait to see the mess they make of the back yard.


Tinsley LOVES Eagan.  When we are trying to feed her or get her to concentrate on anything she immediately becomes distracted if she catches a glimpse of him.  She thinks it's really funny to make him growl and bark.  Eagan is getting his haircut today, so luckily Tinsley won't have so much hair to grab onto.  Here is a video of her aggravating him.

Tinsley "talking".  Where on earth could she get this from?!?!?!?

I wonder who will get Tinsley to crawl???

The Big Gulp

Tinsley has started reaching for our cups any time we have a drink.  She had a drink of grandmom's water bottle the other day and last night she decided she needed a drink of my water.  Of course, today mom tried to give her a drink in a sippy cup and she wanted no part of that!!!!

Dad's Retirement

My dad is retiring at the end of June.  I am thrilled that both of my parents have been able to retire at a young enough age to enjoy retirement.  Last Wednesday, the ladies in my dad's office had a get together in his honor.  The barbecue was delicious and getting to visit with everyone was so much fun.  It also happened to be my dad's 58th birthday.  Two reasons for celebration!

 Tinsley took this picture of Whitney.  She was reaching for the camera and I let her snap it.  Not bad!  We may have a future photographer on our hands.

Dad with the ladies from his office.
Brock Kerby made dad a book for his retirement.  Is was signed by all of Mrs. Griego's class. 

Yesterday Tinsley and mom went to Poth and had lunch at the school with everyone in honor of dad's retirement.  Betty Moy took Tinsley around in the cafeteria to see the elementary students while mom and dad ate.  Mom said that Tinsley was so happy meeting all of the kids.  The school then held a pep rally for him.  Mom and dad said that Tinsley had a blast.  She enjoyed watching all of the kids so much. Mom said that she was way too busy to even take her bottle.  She is so NOSY curious!!!!!  Dad will miss everyone at Poth, but I know he is thrilled about retiring.

May 26, 2011

Somebody likes to see herself in the mirror!

Tinsley has a mirror for the floor which encourages tummy time.  This is how I get the longest period of tummy time out of her.  She is definitely not a fan!

May 23, 2011

Aunt Whitney's Room

Aunt Whitney has been gone quite a bit over the past few years due to school.  Eagan has always LOVED being in Whitney's room.  The door is normally closed when she is gone, but anytime we are over there and Eagan goes missing, we can normally find him in her room under the bed or nosing around in her room.  He seems to always be able to push the door open and make his way in there.  Guess who else loves being in aunt Whitney's room!!!!

Mom sent me this picture this morning.  Tinsley apparently likes to hang out on aunt Whitney's bed and watch Sesame Street.  

May 22, 2011

Tinsley's porch swing

Daddy came home this weekend!  One of our first orders of business was to hang Tinsley's porch swing.  She loves it!  It is soooo hot outside, but Tinsley still loves being out.

May 21, 2011

5 months old

Tinsley is 5 months old and growing up so fast we can’t believe it.  She has got such a personality!  We are enjoying her so much.  A little bit about Tinsley at 5 months old.

-         Wearing 9 month sleepers, but we are about to have to “graduate” to 12 months.  She is just getting so long.  Grandmom says that I better be careful moving up to the next ones because every time we go up to a bigger size, Tinsley seems to take it as a challenge to grow into them immediately!

-         Wearing a size 6-9 month in regular clothes.

-         Still sleeping in her nap nanny beside our bed.  Tinsley sleeps anywhere from 7-10 hours per night.  It just depends how she feels.  We think she may be teething(we have been thinking this for a month or so now).  She has started waking up on occasion at night and sort of crying.  When she does this, she will normally just want to hold your hand for a few minutes and then goes right back to sleep.  I have to admit, I don’t really mind that just knowing we are there with her is enough to comfort her back to sleep.   

-         Tinsley is a “talker”!  She jabbers constantly.  She has this little squeal that her daddy commented on the other day.  I told him to just wait until she is older and has friends over and we have lots of little squeals!!!

-         Tinsley still loves her swing and still normally naps in the swing during the day. 

-         Tinsley still does not like tummy time.  It is a good thing that mommy and daddy saw her roll over the first time that she did it, because she has not been rolling over onto her tummy any more at all.  She will roll to either side and then roll back onto her back, but there is not a chance you will catch her rolling onto her stomach.

-         One of Tinsley’s favorite things to do is to play with Eagan.  She LOVES to make him bark and thinks he is so funny. 

-         Mommy and Daddy have been very busy with work lately, so Tinsley spends most of her days at grandmom and granddad’s.  Grandmom bought Tinsley a “princess” stroller that they use out in the yard.  Tinsley sits in the stroller and they water plants, play with the cats and clean the pool.  Basically, Tinsley is happy as long as she is outside. J

Here are Tinsley's 5 month chair pictures.  She was not really in the mood for smiling and would not pay any attention to me because Eagan was on the floor, so towards the end of her "photo shoot" I put Eagan up in the chair with her.

Checking out the flowers on her outfit.  Totally bored with the whole picture taking thing!

May 20, 2011

Tinsley and Kyle

Tinsley has gotten to spend a few days at Jim and Sherri's this week due to grandmom and granddad being out of town helping aunt Whitney move to Dallas.  We are so fortunate to have family that loves Tinsley so much.  Tinsley loves getting her quality time in with Kyle!

This was taken with my aunt Sherri's camera phone.  It cracks me up.  Tinsley is of course trying to reach for Deuce. This little girl LOVES animals!!!!

May 19, 2011

Aunt Whitney is home!

Whitney came home to spend a few days before she starts graduate school.  We are so excited to get to spend time with her.  Tinsley is enjoying hanging out with Whitney.  They even spent some one on one quality time together the past few days.  Here are a few pics from Tinsley's time with Whitney.

Granddad, Grandmom and Aunt Whitney took Tinsley to cheer on the Pirettes at their softball playoff game.  Tinsley had a great time!!!

These two photos were taken when we were out in the pasture.  Tinsley is NOT ALLOWED to be out of her car seat when we are on the road.  She enjoyed getting to go for a ride and not be in her seat. 

Worn out!!!