December 31, 2010

Meeting Lea Surles and The Durbin's

Our good friends from Dilley came to visit us today.  My mom and Lea have been friends since we lived in Dilley when I was a little girl.  Lea's daughter Courtney just had her second little boy Trace on December the 8th.  We were thrilled to get to introduce Tinsley to Lea, Courtney, Ty and Trace.  I know Tinsley and Trace will have so much fun playing together as they grow up.  Ty and Lynnlee(Lea's granddaughter) will have to watch out for Trace and Tinsley and show them the ropes!!!

Tinsley 8 days old and Trace 23 days old.

Ty and Eagan had so much fun playing. 

Eagan has been such a little trooper.  I know that his world has changed so dramatically in the past week or so.  He spent the night with my mom and dad last night so that he could get some rest.  He gets up every time I get up with Tinsley and follows us step for step.  He is almost 10 and is definitely not used to all of the sleeplessness that a new baby brings!!!

December 29, 2010

Heirloom Portraits

We had Tinsley's pictures taken at Heirloom Portraits.  We are thrilled with the pics!  To view the entire gallery, go to  click on enter cuddlebugs(twice), click on clients, password is "tinsley" in all lowercase.  Tinsley is two weeks old in these pictures.  Here are a few of our favorites.

December 27, 2010

Tinsley's first doctor's appointment

We went today for Tinsley's first checkup.  Tinsley is 6 days old today and weighs 7lbs. 10 oz and is 21 1/2 inches long.  We saw Dr. Peck who we absolutely loved!  She was thrilled with Tinsley's weight and said that the main goal is that baby's be back at their birth weight by 2 weeks so we are ahead of the game.  I am thrilled!  Tinsley has been doing well with breastfeeding, but it has been hard because there is no way for me to know how much she is actually getting, only how long she eats.  The doctor told us to keep doing what we are doing and to come back when Tinsley is 2 weeks old for another checkup.  Here is a picture of Tinsley from today after we got back home from the doctor.

December 26, 2010

Tinsley's first few days at home

Tinsley has had a lot of visitors.  We have been so excited to get to introduce her to our family and friends.  I have tried to remember to take pictures of everyone that came by with her, but unfortunately I have forgotten to take a lot of them.  Much to my disappointment, a lot of the ones I have forgotten to take are our friends with kids who have come by.  I really need to do better!  Here are a few pics of Tinsley with some of her visitors as well as a few pics that I just couldn't help but add in of our sweet little girl by herself.

Tinsley and Gran

Tinsley and Gramps

Tinsley and Granny
My mom and Tinsley with Uncle Jim and Aunt Janie
Tinsley and Grandma

Tinsley and Dennis

Tinsley and Aunt Sherri

Tinsley and GrandDad

Tinsley and Aunt Whitney
GrandDad, GrandMom and Tinsley

Tinsley with John Tinsley

Cuddling with GrandMom

December 25, 2010

Tinsley's first Christmas

We had a wonderful Christmas!  This is the first Christmas that I have ever had that I did not have to leave the house.  We started the day out with my mom, dad and Whitney coming over to celebrate.  Christmas night Malcolm, Beverly, Trey, Deirdre, Drew, Chris, Tiffany, Mady and Calley came over.  It was a wonderful day and I can't imagine a better way for Tinsley to have spent her first Christmas.


I have had this baby's 1st Christmas paper for about 5 or 6 years.  I am so excited to get to finally use it!!!!

Tinsley waking up with a big yawn on Christmas morning. 

GrandDad, Tinsley, Aunt Whitney and GrandMom

Somebody might already be a little bit spoiled!!!!

Tinsley slept through opening gifts

We are going to have a little genius on our hands!!!!

Madeline(5), Calley(2 months), Tinsley(4 days) and Drew(7)

Drew, Tinsley, Nana and Mady

Eagan already loves Tinsley.  He is always right by us.  Either above my head as he is now, or if the recliner is up, he is on my legs.  He doesn't seem to care where he is, as long as he gets to be with us!!!

Aunt Deirdre, Tinsley and Drew

The best gift ever!!!

Thank you to our families for making Tinsley's first Christmas so special!!!!